About Us

Daniel McCaffrey


 Daniel McCaffrey is a licenced home renovator qualified in masonry restoration, concrete technologies, unit masonry laying and masonry construction. Daniel began his apprenticeship at age 12, repairing and restoring field stone houses in Bruce County, Ontario. As a high school student in Toronto, Daniel spent summers working on landscape construction projects in the Beaches and East York. After high school, Daniel worked on commercial and industrial concrete construction projects with Polymeric Engineering, under the guidance of Bruce Armitage, P Eng. 

At age 24, Daniel undertook an environmental studies degree at U of T. Unable to work full construction seasons, he summered in residential brick and stone renovation and restoration projects, and continued full-time in this field after graduation, studying the Ontario Building Code at George Brown College, concurrently. He broke out on his own in 2014 and has not looked back. Daniel applies his specialized masonry skills to all hardscape construction projects, delivering an attractive and enduring product that few 'landscaping' companies can rival. 


our Associates



 George is a retired general contractor who keeps and runs a metal shop, and owns, maintains and operates his own mechanized excavation and loading equipment. Many of The Stone Porch’s complex masonry landscape jobs begin with George’s excavation services and end with his installation of finely-finished ironwork. Clients requiring excavation or metal work are free to contact George directly.

416 709-5406

Jane Allen


 Jane Allen is a landscape designer and horticulturist, and proprietor of The Duchess of Dirt. A graduate of Ryerson University's Landscape Design program, Jane has been servicing the GTA in that capacity since 2006. Jane frequently employs Daniel and his crew for hardscape elements in her landscape construction projects. Clients requiring horticultural or design services are welcome to contact Jane through her website. http://theduchessofdirt.com/portfolio.html


Patrick Cahill


  Patrick Cahill is a Red Seal Carpenter, general contractor, and the owner of Faroe Woodworks. A specialist in finely-finished custom woodworking, Patrick’s meticulous joinery methods, applied to exterior landscape elements, produce decks, porches, fences and pergolas of superior structural and aesthetic quality. Clients interested in high-end wooden landscape structures are invited to visit Faroe Woodworks. https://www.faroewood.com/

our full-time Workers

Matt (lead hand)






Additional craftworkers

Saro Nova

 Saro Nova is a carpenter, contractor, handyman and the owner of The Paint Panther. Saro periodically joins The Stone Porch on landscape construction projects that require significant amounts of custom stone-cutting, applying his skills out-of-trade.  See Saro's work at https://paintpanther.ca/

Todd Warner

 Todd Warner is a retired carpenter and general contractor who now supervises maintenance crews at Pearson International Airport.  Todd moonlights with The Stone Porch, frequently taking the logistical reins when others are needed off-site.