more than stone porches...


Landscape Construction Services:

  • stone porches and stairways, interlocking and flagstone, retaining walls, bbq enclosures and outdoor kitchens
  • walkways, driveways, parking pads and patios, drainage systems and regrading
  • permeable paving (a rare specialization)


Masonry Renovation and Restoration:

  • brick and block laying, strip footings, lintels and I-beams, foundation repairs and extensions, foundation waterproofing
  • parging, tuck-pointing, brick replacement, door and window openings and enclosures, arches and sills, concrete and stonework
  • brick and stone veneers and claddings


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We build, where applicable, from the (current) 2012 Ontario Building Code  with 2015 updates.  Projects requiring novel solutions that are not informed by Ministry of Municipal Affairs' regulatory standards will be approached from the first principles of masonry construction, using methods that have developed over the past 6000 years.  All of our craftwork, regardless of permitting requirements, is guaranteed under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c. 30, Schedule A.  All of the materials we employ are guaranteed by us as fit for their purposes employed, pursuant to the Sale of Goods Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. S. 1.  We acknowledge and maintain our professional obligations and standards for all projects, however novel they may be.  We are not afraid to undertake such projects and will never demand a client contract out of their legal protections, ever.

An example pictured here...

Problem:  to rebuild a decayed retaining wall that was collapsing into a basement walkout

Challenge: to rebuild the retaining wall and waterproof its back without removing the existing decorative concrete above or disturbing the adjacent earthen substrate below that concrete

Solutions: undertake the project in freezing temperatures to prevent collapse of earthen substrate; pre-apply bitumen-based membrane to cement board sheets prior to installation; mortar new blockwork to the cement board; install drainage gravel behind the waterproofed membrane as cinder block courses are erected and secured with concrete backfill and steel lags

Result: an efficient build that exceeds industry standards!

See this project in our photo gallery 'Basement Walkout Rebuild'